Rentals & Reservations

Reservations can be made at least one week in advance with a minimum of 4 lanes or more.


BYU Bowling & Games Center Lane Reservation Rates

Note: Price includes shoes and bowling games.

Monday – Thursday

before 5 PM


Monday – Thursday

after 5 PM


Friday – Saturday

before 5 PM


Friday – Saturday

after 5 PM


Food is allowed as long as it is not messy. Please clean up when leaving.

BYU Bowling & Games Center Facility Rental Rates

Prices are for 10 to 20 lanes for the duration of 1 hour.
Note: Price includes shoes and bowling games.

Wards & Stakes
(Must pay with church check)
BYU Department
(Please pay with Account Code or Dept. Purchasing Card. Clubs pay agency checks)
Monday - Thursday
10am - 5pm
$225 $275 $325
Monday - Thursday
5pm - 11pm
$300 $350 $400
Friday - Saturday
10am - 7pm
$375 $425 $475

Facility Rental Policies

1. Rentals must be made through the supervisor at 422-8690.

2. All rentals must be made at least a week in advance.

3. Video games are not included in a facility rental.

4. Shoes are included.

5. Food must be provided by Hole in the Wall or another approved source. Call 422-8690 for more details on food options.

6. No outside food will be permitted in the Games Center during rentals unless first approved by management.