Tuesday Nights:
National Bowling League (NBL)

The NBL typically offers some of the stiffest of competition of any bowling in Provo. Many of the best teams at BYU gather to square off in a scratch bowling competition. Bowlers create teams of four players and play two games each week against their league opponents. After the regular season, teams are separated into tournament brackets as bowlers vie for the title of NBL Champion. Each bowler pays $5 per week for two games. Shoes are included.

Wednesday and Thursday Nights:
Wednesday Night Bowling Association (WNBA)
Thursday Bowling Association (TBA)

The WNBA and the TBA are all-inclusive leagues that allow bowlers to come out and compete on a weekly basis. These leagues employ a handicap scoring system. With a handicap scoring system, even below-average bowlers have a chance to win against their opponents each week. These leagues combine bowlers who have a competitive edge with those who just want to have fun. Each bowler pays $6 per week for three games. Shoes are included.

Sign up for a bowling league!

Signups are held at the beginning of each semester in the Bowling and Games Center. Contact the League Coordinator, for any other questions at 801-422-8690.