Date Ideas

Skittles Bowling

You may have heard of Skittles Bowling before, but this one is probably a bit different. If you are tired of traditional bowling, this is the best way to spice things up. All you need is a bag of Skittles and you'll be ready to go!

Start by pouring your bag of Skittles into a cup.

Before each turn, blindly pick a Skittle out of the cup. The color of your Skittle will determine what you will do while you bowl.

You can make your own Skittle Bowling chart, or you can just follow one that was already made, like this one:

Green: Bowl with your opposite hand
Red: Throw between your legs
Yellow: Granny-style bowling
Purple: Bowl with ramp
Orange: Bowl normal (alternative option: invent a new way to throw)

Whether you use Skittles or bowl the old-fashioned way, take the time to enjoy yourself. Talk between turns. Laugh at yourself. Get to know each other. Bowling is a great date, just do it the right way.

Visit the BYU Bowling & Games Center and The Wall for a Marathon Date of Entertaining Possibilities

Imagine an extended evening of bowling, video games, food, and live music or comedy. That's what you can have when you visit the BYU Bowling & Games Center and The Wall (BYU's coolest live entertainment venue) with your date. The Wall and the BYU Bowling & Games Center are located right next to each other in the Wilkinson Student Center (WSC), where activities are abundant.

If you want to make the date even longer, you could consider adding a movie at the Varsity Theatre and a dance or a play. Be sure to look at the following sites to see what else is happening on campus on the day/evening of your date:
The Wall - Calendar BYU Calendar Student Leadership Events BYU Arts
Just remember - we can provide the activities, but it's going to be up to you to define the memories!